RN Pottery is interested in reconnecting to the beauty and simplicity of earthenware with a line of handmade ceramic items. These functional items go through a slow process where wet clay is slowly transformed by hand into dishwasher and microwave-safe kiln-fired ceramic. DC-based potter, R. Nassor has a decade of experience working with a variety of clays, glazes, and firing techniques that have resulted in her current style. RN Pottery demonstrates functional items can also be beautifully individual if you take the time and care to craft them.

If you are interested in featuring RN Pottery or requesting a commission, contact R. Nassor at: rmn26019@georgetown.edu

Vendor Calendar

October 8, 2023 | Dupont Little Flea Market

March 17, 2024 | Dupont Little Flea Market




Planters and Vases

Miscellaneous Items

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